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Structured Cabling / Fibre to the desk


Fibre To The Desk (FTTD)

Current debate around Fibre to the Desk installations focuses thought on the practical costs and alternatives, due to the continuing advances in traditional cable technologies. The cost of installing fibre compared to CAT5 is very similar, however, the life cycle costs of Fibre To The Desk shows that fibre is lower than CAT5. This creates a reduced cost in the future and ensures that the network will have suitable room for development.

The main consideration for the use of fibre to the desk was the need to eliminate the influence of noise from outside electrical interference. Working environments can cause a lot of intereference. Also because fibre-optic cables use light pulses, they do not cause interference, so help to reduce problems.

Why Computer Links?
Computer Links offer a skilled and highly competent optical fibre service. We have worked on a wide range of fibre installations and can offer installations into residential and commercial properties.

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