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Structured Cabling / Multimode Fibre

Multi-Mode Fibre

Multi-mode optical fibre is used to communicate networks over shorter distances i.e. within a building or on the same campus (LAN's and SAN's). It has larger fibre and comes in two standard widths, 62.5 micron and 50 micron.

Multi-mode fibre allows light to travel in the core in many rays, called modes.

Multi-mode fibre is used with LED sources at wavelengths of 850 and 1300 nm in slower local area networks. Lasers are used (850 and 1310 nm) for networks running at gigabits per second and above.

Why Computer Links?
Computer Links offer a skilled and highly competent optical fibre service. We have worked on a wide range of fibre installations and can offer installations into residential and commercial properties.

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