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Services / Fibre Optic Cabling
Computer Links provides a comprehensive fibre optic cabling design and installation service, offering flexibility and a high level of customer service. Fibre optic cable is rapidly replacing copper cabling installations, due to lower signal loss over greater distances, higher data capacity and immunity to interference.

Computer Links have considerable experience in the design and installation of fibre optic cabling. Our highly trained fibre optic engineers use sophisticated fibre splicing techniques, backed by rigorous fibre testing processes to produce professional quality fibre optic connections. We can supply, install, terminate or test Single Mode or Multi Mode Fibre, using ST, SC, LC, FC or MTRJ connectors.

Our services include:

  • Single Mode (SMF) or Multimode Fibre (MMF)
  • Supplying and terminating fibre optic cable
  • Perform repairs to existing fibre optic cabling
  • Audit your current fibre optic infrastructure
  • Fibre to the Desk (FTTD)
  • Rodent resistant and armoured installation

Computer Links also have the resource to handle any size of fibre optic installation, anywhere within the UK.

If you would like a fibre optic cabling quotation or site survey, please contact us on 01506 434811