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About Us / Enviromental Policy

At Computer Links, we see safeguarding the environment from the impact of our business activities as imperative.  We proactively work to maintain and improve our environmental policy, which was established by our company directors and is communicated and reviewed regularly.  Our objective is to continually reduce our footprint from on and off site activities, to work with suppliers with similar policies and to encourage customers to adopt environmentally friendly practices in our mutual activities.

Computer Link's Environmental Policy includes:

  • Regularly review and comply with current environmental legislation, regulations, codes of practice;

  • Identify and implement practices that reduce the consumption of waste and natural resources, promote re-cycling and prevent pollution;

  • Ensure environmental issues are considered when planning business operations

  • Provide awareness training to all staff of our commitment and how they can implement the policy in their day-to-day activities;

  • Assist suppliers to develop a similar pro-active approach.

 For more information on our environmental policy please call 01506 434811